Three Major Sections of Astrology

Today we are going to discuss the three major sections or divisions in the world of astrology. These are the factors that find the most respect in the world of astrology. We will also share what they can do for you and what is the best way to use them.

So without further ado, let’s dive in: –

  1. Traditional Astrology

This kind of astrology is native to South East Asia, particularly India. It is often regarded as the most ancient form of astrology, with references dating back 2500 years. According to mythology this form was practiced and preached by ancient gurus of India, who used to meditate for years to gain spiritual enlightenment.

One of the purer forms of Traditional Astrology is ‘Vedic Astrology.’ It relies on Pujas and Havans to please God and to foster positivity into one’s life. They also included mantras and shlokas prescribed by learned gurus that cater to specific sections in a person’s life.

However, they demand or require complete purity or else the effect is almost nullified. In ancient times when people led a simple and spiritual life, remedies prescribed by Vedic Astrology could be followed by anyone.

But in today’s time, these activities require a lot of time and money, to get them right. Modern forms like Lal Kitab astrology have stemmed from ‘Traditional Astrology’ that can be done by the common man without any major hassles.

Traditional Astrology can be used both for prediction as well as remedies.

  1. Numerology

Prevalent in Greece and the Western world, numerology explains the impact numbers have in our lives. A number can be derived from major things affecting our life like our name, date of birth, the place we live, etc.

Numerology is used for personality assessment and predicts the impact a particular year will have on our lives. The corrective action prescribed by numerology is tough to implement.


For example, some practitioners of numerology prescribe you to change your name or relocate to another area to open more positive opportunities.

Even though it is tough to adhere to the remedies provided by numerology, they are widely regarded to be extremely powerful and effective.

  1. Palmistry

Finally, we have palmistry. It is an entirely predictive form of astrology that relies on the lines on your hand, to predict the future.

The lines help the reader to foretell about an individual’s health, the amount of money they will make, their relationships and also a rough idea about the personality of an individual.

There is no corrective action or remedies that are prescribed in palmistry, but thanks the mounts on your hand, they can predict which planets have a major influence in your life.


Apart from palms, some readers rely on the lines on your forehead and other parts of your body to predict your future. However, palmistry is the most trusted and reliable form in this section.

Apart from these three, there are also regional forms of astrology like Chinese astrology which also relies on your birth details to predict your future.

Hope this article was informative and if you have any doubt, feel free to comment below, so that we can address it.

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