The 90 and 10 Percent Rule

In a previous article, we tried to clear few misconceptions around astrology and how it is a science that can help you overcome difficulties in life. We also talked about negative and positive energies and how remedies can have an influence on them. But today we are going to address a major illusion that people who have faith in astrology have.

Astrology is merely a science and not a magical formula that can change your life overnight. Using astrology and remedies, you just change the positive and negative energies that surround you.

This idea that you can use these remedies to achieve anything in life without putting in the effort is a complete myth. To bring more clarity we believe in the 90-10 percent rule. This in our humble opinion thoroughly addresses the power astrology has and the amount of effort you need to put in.

What is the 90-10 Percent Rule?

According to this rule, to achieve any target in life, you need to put in at least 90% effort on your own. The remaining 10% can be handled by Remedies and the Science of Astrology. Lets’ consider the example of your career. If you want to unlock the best career option or work on those things that give you the most fruitful results, you can take the help of astrology, which can contribute to predicting, which fields will have the most prospects for you.

Planets play an important role
Planets’ play an important role

If you then chose a field, in order to succeed in that you would have to put in all the hard work in learning the necessary skill-set, executing it to your fullest potential and give everything you have in achieving your targets.

With the assistance of remedies, your day to day tasks will run without any hindrance, more and more fruitful opportunities will come your way, and you would be blessed with all the energy you need.

But none of these would happen if you don’t put in the effort. If we had to explain this in one saying, then the following would sum it completely –

“The Harder I worked, the luckier I got.”

Be careful! 

Lets’ assume that you put in all the effort you need to, but if you practice wrong ‘remedies,’ then it can destroy everything for you. So always make sure with your astrologer that the treatments he or she prescribes, complement what you are doing and doesn’t negate all your efforts.

Some astrologers, to make money, dupe their clients for expensive ‘Pujas’ that ultimately lead to no significant change, as they require the highest form of purity which ‘s hard to achieve in today’s time.

 One section of astrology that is gaining popularity in today’s time is the ‘Lal Kitab’ method. It focusses on simple remedies that can be done easily by any common man. It has been rightly said that for the 21st Century, Lal Kitab remedies are the best solution.

To sum it up, we would again stress that to achieve anything in life you need to be ready to put in the hard work and keep on hustling till you reach your goal. Astrology and remedies are there only to complement your efforts.