Astrology – A lost Science

In the glitz and glamor of 21st-century, humans forget the teaching of their ancestors. We are also ignoring the elements that were once part of our life. Astrology is one of the ancient science that finds its place in almost every ancient culture of this world. In India, we can find multiple texts related to Vedic Astrology, while China is known for Chinese Astrology. Even in ancient Greek mythology, you can find numerous references to numerology.

But, as Science and technology advanced, people started thinking that Astrology or Numerology was nothing but a scam, and thought it was only used to trick people.
Also, the rise of Internet gave rise to many fake websites or astrologers that used software to predict the future.

For the past 20-30 years’ astrology is thought of as a Utopian field that merely helps to foretell the future. However, the power of real astrology lies in the remedies.

At the time of our birth, they were certain planetary positions and throughout are life those planets have some influence on our lives. Some planets behave in a positive way, while some planets have a negative impact and can cause difficulties. The positions or the effects these planets have on our lives is dependent on your past ‘karma’.

With the science of astrology, you can identify the planets in your birth chart or ‘Kundli.’ A learned astrologer can accurately trace what planets have an adverse impact on your life. After identifying those, he can prescribe remedies to reduce the impact of such planets. Remedies can also be used to give more strength to ‘positive planets.’

Also, certain planets are responsible for certain aspects of your life. For example, Venus is in charge of wealth, so an astrologer can give remedies that can help in increasing the influence of that planet, in a positive way.

Its all in the stars
It’s all in the stars

Our life is balanced by energies, positive and negative. And remedies are used to increase positive influence on our life. This is the power of true astrology. Just like in the field of medicine, the cause of the problem is attached to cure the patient of a disease. The science of astrology works in the same way and identifies the significant hurdles in your life and gives you the power to overcome them and succeed.

And this true power of astrology is diminished in today’s’ time. The scientific base of astrology is evident and can be used to enhance the quality of life a person is living. Also, it is a known fact that due to increased pressure levels, a lot of people suffer from stress. This increases the chances of negative energy to play a dominant role in your life. For such problems, it is difficult to find a medical solution, and again astrology can play an incredible role to nullify negativity thus giving you the power to focus on your goals. It can also be used for the betterment of health and can also increase your level of focus.

We hope this article helps to clear few misconceptions about astrology and also use it in a positive way.

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